The Alcatek range have been designed with one underlying principle.
To have the manners and driveability you expect from the OEM ECU, combined with the performance and features you expect from a motorsport ECU

MAF Less System
By using a speed/density based control strategy, the need for the Mass Air Flow meter, and the associated limitations and potential problems can be eliminated. The ECU can be configured to operate with either the OEM MAP sensor or any commercially available 0-5V sensor.

Real Time Live Mapping
All Alcatek ECUs have real time live mapping, providing your mapper with the information and ability to get the most from your engine. There is no need to stop the engine whilst changes are made, and there is no limit to the number of changes that can be made. Your mapper can see the effect of changes instantly.

Plug ‘n’ Play
All the Alcatek ECUs have no requirement for ‘adapter looms’ or wiring modifications, and fits into the OEM case, providing for a neat and reliable installation. This also allows for the vehicle to be easily returned to the OEM ECU should the vehicle be sold.

Advanced Wastegate Control
The wastegate control system incorporates features commonly found on high end aftermarket boost controllers, thus eliminating the need for this additional expense. This includes engine speed and throttle angle 3D closed loop control, along with gear dependant corrections.

‘Multi-Maps’ enables you to effortlessly change between maps as your requirements demand. You can have a map setup for ‘normal driving’, which is optimised for fuel economy and then change to ‘track day’, which is optimised for performance. The choice of what your Multi-Maps do is down to you and your mapper. The Multi-Maps allow changes in Fuel, Ignition & Boost. They are ‘full maps’ not just a single modification, to a common base map. You can choose how you select your desired map, either using an add-on selector switch (allowing the maps to be changed ‘on the fly’ whilst driving) or by using the throttle pedal position at switch on.

Knock Warning
The ECU uses the OEM Knock Sensor to listen for ‘Knock’. This is then fed to a Digital Signal Processor for analysis. If the DSP decides that knock is detected, the Check Engine Light will be flashed to give the driver warning that engine damage could be occurring. Optionally the ECU can be configured to take corrective action in an effort to avoid damage.

Closed Loop Fuel Control
The ECU uses the OEM narrowband lambda sensor to give optimal fuel control in the idle / light throttle / cruise regions. The ECU checks that the signals from the sensor are valid, and will switch to Open-Loop if it believes the sensor to have failed. As an option, it is possible to connect a true wideband sensor.

OEM Driveability
The use of 24 x 24 fuel and ignition maps, gives unparalleled resolution and results in excellent road manners for light throttle driving. Advanced acceleration enrichment features give crisp throttle response even when using large injector configurations. Comprehensive starting strategies which are replicated from the OEM ECU, ensure ’first turn’ starting in all conditions.

Diagnostic Indication
To help with troubleshooting, the Alcatek ECUs use the ‘Check Engine Light’ and tachometer to provide rapid reporting of diagnostic information. Problems such as a faulty sensor will be indicated by the tachometer pointing out any error numbers.

Anti Lag System
As a cost option, the ECU can have ALS installed. Three ALS calibrations are available, allowing for ‘Jacked Open Throttle’ based systems as well as driver selected Hard / Soft modes. Air charge temperature is monitored by the ALS system to reduce the risk of engine damage due to high charge temperatures.

Launch Control and Full Throttle Gear Change
As part of the ALS cost option, the ECU has the ability to provide launch control and full throttle gear change (FTGC requires the use of a non-syncromesh gearbox to gain maximum benefit)

Gear Change Output (Shift Light)
The ECU provides a ‘Shift Light’ output to indicate to the driver the optimum point to change gear. The point at which the output is activated is gear dependant.

Multi Stage Engine Speed Limiter
The ECU has a progressive engine speed limiter using a combination of fuel & ignition cuts. This provides full over speed protection, whilst not giving a sudden loss of power.

Individual Cylinder Fuel & Ignition Trims
The ECU allows for each cylinder to have it’s own fuel & ignition ‘trimmed’ to allow for small differences between cylinders. When combined with the Knock Sensor DSP, which can not only detect knock but can discriminate which cylinder is the cause. This permits the engine output to be balanced so that all cylinders are performing equally.

Automatic Water Spray / Injection Control
On vehicles equipped with an intercooler water spray or aftermarket water injection system, the ECU can take control of this to provide closed loop charge temperature correction. Trigger levels are determined based on engine speed, throttle angle, boost pressure and air charge temperature.

Alcatek Engine Management = Driveability + Adrenaline²

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