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Subject: Enging Tuner || New Question
Sender's Name: Nick
Question: Hi Alan I\'ve got a standard turbo 2000 running 208 bhp what would i need to get it to around the 300 mark and costs as well thanks
Answer: Hi Nick - It would need a TD05 turbo or similar, plus ideally an STi top mount intercooler and larger injectors. We could remap using the original ECU on Ecutek software. The costs depend on possibly finding good used parts? Mapping is 350 plus the licence fee from Ecutek (170) plus vat total 624. A better alternative would be to use an Alcatek ECU for 995 which eliminates the often faulty MAF sensor and offers better tuning options. You can call us on 01752 345880 to discuss during office hours.
Subject: Enging Tuner || New Question
Sender's Name: Steve morris
Question: Forester XT - The up pipe is split and I need to replace. Could you replace with a non cat up pipe and remap so that there is no warning light? Would it still pass emissions test - the other cats. are still present and other than the backbox the car is standard and regularly serviced and maintained. Could you give an approximate cost to fit and supply a new up pipe and remap. Thanks for your help Steve
Answer: Hi Steve - Yes, we can replace the up-pipe without any problems. We'd say the downpipe cat should take care of the emissions. I'll have to check the availability of an up pipe, could you call me at the office during working hours? 01752 345880
Subject: Enging Tuner || New Question
Sender's Name: Harvey waters
Question: Hi Alan. The engine and ecu are 1998. Thanks Harvey.
Answer: In which case it's likely to be a version 4, which is not directly mappable on the original ECU. You'd need an after market system, such as Alcatek. Your best bet is to call Martyn on 01752 345880 office hours to discuss (After Thursday 13th April)