We have a fully equipped air controlled Dyno cell, with carefully designed cooling and exhaust extraction systems. Group Dyno days are a speciality, with an external view screen for up to the minute information, and fantastic feedback.

The Dyno Dynamics computer gives detailed outputs, with printed graphs for power, torque, boost and air/fuel ratio, giving mapping and diagnostics industry leading accuracy.

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The rolling road is an invaluable development tool, and essential for many fault finding tasks. The operator has the opportunity to test the car under real load conditions, and simulate most circumstances.

We can divide tuning into two distinct definitions, either setting the adjustments required for optimum running, or modifying the design for improved performance.

Most modern designs have have little adjustment provided for, and some extra input, such as Superchipping, or a completely new management system may be needed. Whichever route, we can recommend the best course of action.