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Geoff bought his 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX back in 2016 with the aim of using the car purposefully at track days.  Purchased as a near stock example with just a set of coilovers it wasn’t long before Geoff was racing around Castle Combe.

After the first track day Geoff, had tonnes of fun but quickly realised that a stock WRX was not quite up to the task. Having fried the brakes, this quickly put a stop to the day but did not deter Geoff. As you can see Geoff upped his game and embraced the racecar vibes; stripped interior, bucket seats, harnesses, full roll cage, plumbed in fire extinguisher and a WRC rear spoiler (or as Geoff calls it the IKEA bookcase – other brands of bookcase are available)  The car has come a long way since being a standard WRX.

With the brakes addressed, Geoff continued to enjoy a number of track days, however the yearn for more power took over!  Geoff knew what he wanted, more power but not at the expense of reliability. Geoff approced Enginetuner with this brief, and we devised a plan to achieve this. Geoff booked into have a full rebuild of his EJ25 along with a new LINK ECU to monitor all the vitals.

With the car at ET HQ, the technicians extracted the engine for a full inspection and report.  Our engineering department commenced re-boring the block to accommodate a set of Wossner pistons, a set of Manley rods along with a Nitrided crankshaft.  14mm headstuds were tasked to keep everything together while the car is put through its paces on the track.

With the block assembled we installed an RCM Group N baffled sump kit, RCM headers, and Fuji Racing fuel rails with adjustable regulator.

When it came to choosing a turbo, we knew we needed quick response and top end power. We opted to install one of our Enginetuner GTX3076r Gen 2 turbochargers to perfectly compliment the build. The great thing about this turbo is quick spool, a key ingredient when you are on track.  Given the WRX was going to get a hard life on the track, Geoff managed to pick up an ultra-rare Process West V mount intercooler to ensure things stayed cool.  We went one step further and fabricated some custom ducting to ensure the WRX ingests as much air as possible, and it looks properly cool too!

With engine work complete for now it was time to bring the handling up to scratch, so Geoff ordered all the essential parts that Whiteline has to offer, providing some much-needed stability to the handling.

With a pending track day looming, Geoff spent the next few days out covering 1000 miles. With the running in now complete, the car was left in Martyn’s capable hands to dial in the map.  Mapping complete, Martyn saw the WRX reach 440 BHP on pump fuel and 470 BHP on meth, thanks to the flex fuel sensor & Link ECU.

So, what’s in store for Geoff and the WRX in the future? Geoff advises us he will be doing more track days with the hope of attending Thruxton now. Geoff tells us that previous to his Jetex exhaust which was installed at Enginetuner the car would fail noise tests. Now with a quiet 3” turbo back system, that’s no longer going to be an issue.  As for the car?  Geoff is planning to add some ABW over fenders to allow a wider tyre for more grip, and hopefully attend ‘Run What You Brung’ Time Attack series and a couple of hill climbs also.

If Geoff has you inspired and you would like us to build or improve your track car, please do not hesitate to get in touch!  

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