We are huge fans of the BMW M F8X platform with its award-winning S55 3.0L straight six engine. The first generation of turbocharged M cars, the M3, M4 and M2 Competition were all hugely impressive straight from the factory. However, the BMW M Division allowed plenty of headroom to improve things even further and to create a truly gobsmacking performance car. That's where Enginetuner comes in.

Using our F87 M2 Competition development car, we have created performance packages designed to enhance your F8X without breaking the bank. All our packages use parts and ECU calibrations that we have used on our own M2 Competition - both on the street and at the race track - so we know they are proven and effective.

The performance packages are modular, incremental and cost effective. For example, having already applied the ET500 package to your car, you only need to add the additional parts needed for the ET550 package later on.

The packages come in two forms - Street and Track. You will find details of our Street packages below and these are focussed on extracting reliable power from your car. To convert any package from Street to Track, we can supply and fit the full range of extra enhancements that make our M2 Competition such a weapon on the race track - brakes, aero, suspension and uprated cooling. If you would like more information about our Track package, please get in touch.

Performance Packages

Using the Bootmod3 turning platform by Protuning Freaks, we apply the stage 1 calibration to the mighty S55 engine. At the same time we also fit Masata charge pipes to replace the OEM plastic pipes that are prone to cracking with increased boost pressure. We replace your spark plugs with NGK Iridium 97506 plugs which are two steps colder than the OEM items.

The ET500 package also includes a dyno run before and after the new calibration is applied so that you can see the increased power and torque that the package produces.

The ET500 package will result in engine power of at least 500BHP using 99RON pump fuel. It costs £1,550 including VAT, parts and labour at our Plymouth workshop. The package can be fitted the same day.

*Please note that cars manufactured after June 2019 will require their ECU to be removed and unlocked before we can apply a Bootmod3 calibration. If required, this service will incur an additional charge of £350 (including VAT).

Optional Upgrades

In addition to the upgrades that form part of our ET performance packages, are happy to recommend and fit a wide range of optional parts to your BMW F8X M car. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. Some popular upgrades are listed below:

MMR billet one piece crank hub

xHP DCT gearbox mapping

Mishimoto charge cooler radiator

Mishimoto charge cooler

Masata magnetic engine oil sump plug

Masata magnetic diff oil sump plug

VRSF high flow intake kit

Eventuri carbon fibre intake kit V2

Modstock equal length exhaust midpipe

Zunsport grills

Wheels, Suspension & Braking

In the pursuit of enhanced performance both on the street and the track, we have fitted and tested a wide range of wheel, braking and suspension upgrades to our M2 Competition development car.

This gives us the confidence to recommend upgrades to our customers that are proiven to be effective and will help you extract even more enjoyment from your F8X M car.

Our M2 Competition currently runs the parts listed below which have transformed it into a highly capable track car with impeccable driveability on the street. These parts make up our Track package and can be supplied and fitted to your F8X at our Plymouth workshop.

Wheels and tyres
Apex EC-7 18"" 9.5J alloy wheels
Continential SportContact 7 265/35/18 tyres
Bimecc stud and nut conversion

Front - EBC 370mm two piece floating brake rotors, Ferodo DS2500 brake pads, Goodridge braided brake lines and Pinnacle Motorsport Brake Cooling Kit
Rear - OEM rotors with Ferodo DS2500 brake pads

KW V3 3-way adjustable coilover suspension
Millway front camber plates
Whiteline adjustable front anti-roll bar and drop links

We are constantly investing in and developing our M2 Competition development car and will continue to update this page.