Our Facilities

Enginetuner has a fully equipped workshop in Plymouth, Devon.

We provide a comprehensive range of performance engineering services including engine builds, workshop services, parts supply, dyno tuning and custom fabrication for any type of car imaginable.

Enginetuner is one of the few such firms in the UK that can truly boast of being able to undertake all aspects of performance engineering from start to finish.


Our Workshops

Both workshops offer servicing and maintenance, MOT and workshop services, remapping, custom fabrication and performance upgrades.  We have the equipment, machinery and knowledge to overhaul, repair, maintain and enhance all makes of car.

All our services are carried out by highly qualified and experienced technicians who are as passionate about your car as you are.

Our workshop boasts a 4WD dyno and a machine shop responsible for our famous engine builds.

The Machine Shop

Our machine shop is equipped with:
  • 3x oil degreasent cleaning tanks
  • Cylinder block boring bar
  • Cylinder block honing machine
  • Crankshaft rotating assembly balancer
  • Large lathe
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Guyson Shot blaster
  • Valve and valve seat cutting equipment
  • A surface refinisher to ensure head and block faces are completely flat and many other smaller tools that are required to build to blueprint spec.

The Dyno

Our state-of-the-art 4WD car dyno is a completely independent unit housed in a dedicated part of our Plymouth workshop.

It has massive rear fans to extract exhaust gases and unwanted heat out of the cell and is complimented by a large front facing fan to keep rising temperatures at bay.

We can accurately measure a vehicle's power and torque at the crankshaft and at the wheels. We can plot the air fuel ratio and boost levels on a graph that we print and give to the customer.

We chose this set up as it allows us to accurately tune all of the load cells required in a 'steady state' fashion.

This simply isn’t possible to do safely and accurately out on the road.