Enginetuner M2 gets more power.

Steve FryUncategorised

Having examined the various tuning platforms available for BMW F and G series cars, we have opted to develop our M2 Competition using Bootmod3, the world’s most advanced platform for the S55 engine.

Using Bootmod3 will give us huge scope to tune the M2.  With full support for flex fuel, custom mapping, data logging and instant map switching, we are really excited for the journey ahead.

And to mark the occasion, Enginetuner is delighted to announce that we can now offer Bootmod3 tuning to our BMW customers!  To see what the platform can do to transform your F or G series car, get in touch.  

For customers visiting our Plymouth workshop, we will dyno your car before and after the tune so that you can see the improvements in power and torque.  We will also assist with any customisation of the tune and the set up of the Bootmod3 phone app.

If your car requires bench unlocking of the ECU before it is tuned, we can handle that too.  Please contact us to discuss the options.

Stock, we found that our M2 was making 428BHP and 475LBFT.  Slightly higher than the quoted figures, so all good and healthy.

Using the Stage 1 Bootmod3 tune for 99RON fuel, these figures leapt up to 522BHP and 538LBFT, putting the M2 straight into the 500+ Power Club.  This is with absolutely no hardware changes!   Martyn monitored the engine’s key parameters carefully on the dyno and reported back that the M2 is perfectly happy with the Stage 1 tune.  Great stuff.

With a healthy boost in performance now secured for the M2, our attention will turn to the suspension and braking setup. Work is already underway to assess the various options so keep your eyes peeled for our next update.