Featured Part : Enginetuner Driver Display Unit (ET DDU)

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Here at Enginetuner we are delighted to announce our very own Enginetuner Driver Display Unit (or ET DDU for short).

So what is the Enginetuner Driver Display Unit?

The ET DDU is a standalone device that works in harmony with an aftermarket ECU via a WiFI adapter.   The ET DDU is able to monitor the engine’s vitals and display them on a 7” screen using multiple layout options. 

Parameters monitored include but are not limited to:

Oil temperature

Oil pressure

Fuel pressure


Coolant temperature

Battery voltage

Throttle position


Air temperature

ECU temperature

Ethanol content

Fuel temperature

Injector duty cycle

Vehicle speed


Rpm with configurable shift flash

Manifold pressure

Fan output status

If your car is running anti lag and launch control these can both be operated via the ET DDU, in addition the ET DDU allows you to fine tune your preferred launch rpm limit with an adjustable screen popping up when the launch switch is activated.

Furthermore the ET DDU has the ability record peak figures so you can monitor your highest recordings.   The Enginetuner Driver Display Unit is also packed full of safety features triggering warnings when any of the configurable tolerances are breached; including temperature, pressure and or if cylinder knock is detected.

The ET DDU can also act as an immobiliser meaning the car cannot be started if the ET DDU is not present!

Currently the Enginetuner Driver Display Unit is compatible with Link ECUs only. Fear not if you have a Haltech, Syvecs or other aftermarket ECU we’re planning to release an ET DDU for these ECUs soon!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to the team!

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