Nitto R33 Skyline GTR

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Christian’s Hosaka Tuning Factory R33 Nissan Skyline GTR initially came to Enginetuner Plymouth to address a running fault. After diagnosing the issue as faulty O2 sensors, Christian made a wise decision to upgrade the car’s performance. He chose to commission us to install a Link G4X ECU, along with a new trigger kit and an Enginetuner wideband sensor to replace the problematic O2 sensors.

However, Christian’s ambitions didn’t stop there. Realising that this GTR had the potential for even more greatness, he entrusted Enginetuner with the task of removing the factory RB26 engine, to breathe in more life to this already spectacular engine. Given the car’s impressive performance as a Hosaka Tuning Factory model, it was clear that this would be no ordinary upgrade. Enginetuner gladly accepted the challenge.

We removed the engine and promptly disassembled it so we could generate a report.

Engineer Andy took charge of the RB block, re-boring and honing it to perfection to make way for the Nitto 2.8 stroker kit. To complement the rebuild, a range of high-quality HKS components were added, including camshafts, timing belt, and an N1 water pump. A Tomei sump baffle kit was also installed to ensure optimal oil control.

For increased boost, the team opted for a Garrett G35-1050 turbocharger, equipped with a Garrett external wastegate securely wrapped in a Funk Motorsport blanket. The exhaust housing underwent ceramic coating before being fitted to the Walton Motorsport manifold and paired with the HKS exhaust system.

To monitor the engine’s vitals, a JT Innovations Toucan touch screen display unit was integrated into the engine and ECU. Ensuring everything was in perfect balance, a full four-wheel alignment was performed before commencing the running-in process. After completing the 1000-mile running-in period, we carried out a service and inspection on the engine before the GTR was handed over to Martyn to work his magic.

The result? An impressive 729 BHP and 550 LBFT of torque.

Christian, being a member the Enginetuner Drivers Club, decided to take full advantage of our recent trip to the Nürburgring, and promptly gave the car a good shakedown on the German Autobahn, before taking the GTR around the ring with Misha Charoudin putting the Skyline through its paces.

We’re happy to report the car was faultless. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a full Nürburgring trip report, coming soon.

If you’re seeking to optimise the performance of your Skyline or any other performance car, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team for more information.

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