Show Report – Summer Action Day ’23

Steve FryUncategorised

It’s that time of the year again with car shows in full swing. Over the weekend, the Enginetuner team had to divide and conquer, making sure we could attend both Summer Action Day at Castle Combe and the Players Classic show at Goodwood. Talk about splitting ourselves in two!

Our dynamic duo, Martyn and Steve, took on the Combe duties with gusto, collaborating on the stand alongside our esteemed comrades at Link ECU. Despite the ominous threat of rain on our journey, the weather gods smiled upon us, granting a dry and delightful experience.  We met lots of friendly and enthusiastic people and enjoyed demonstrating our Driver Display Units and talking about the work we do in Plymouth and Brighton. 

Now, Summer Action Day was a tad different this time around. It seemed quieter than before with the car lineup not quite reaching the heights of previous years. Perhaps the allure of the Players Classic show happening on the same day played a part in that?  

However, there was one aspect that unquestionably stole the show—the drifters! These guys and gals were smoking, quite literally! With temperatures soaring, the drift cars were going through tyres faster than you could blink. They put on an absolute spectacle, blanketing the circuit with billowing clouds of tyre smoke. It was a sight to behold, no doubt about it.

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