An extra 50BHP in a can?

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Yep, that’s right! This mighty one litre can of NF Adrenalin Octane Booster yields substantial power gains.

Our friends over at Roger Clark Motorsport kindly sent us a couple of cans to test, cheers guys!

We used our Steve’s Hawkeye Impreza STi as the test subject. With the car strapped down on the dyno Martyn carried out several runs to record baseline BHP and torque figures. Although the car has previously been on the dyno several times, parameters such as air temperature, pressure and humidity can affect horsepower figures, so it was essential that the conditions were the same for both tests.

With a base figure of 409bhp, we poured in the octane booster so Martyn could then build the map in the ECU to accommodate the new fuel composition which in effect gives us 114 RON with 1 can of NF Adrenalin Octane Booster to 20 Litres of 99 RON fuel.

With the bespoke map written and a couple of dyno runs completed to allow the combination of fluids to mix, Martyn achieved a staggering 446.3BHP. As the graph shows, we noticed an improvement in BHP and torque across the rev range with an additional 50BHP at 6,000 RPM.

The Adrenalin Octane Booster provides similar results to that of running methanol/petrol with the advantage of not having to run a Flex Fuel sensor or having to fit larger injectors if you’re already on the limit of what they can deliver. Particularly good for track days or drag events where you may want an extra dollop of power!

Adrenalin Octane Booster is available via Enginetuner at £49.99. Get yours here…/nf-adrenaline-race-fuel…/

If you would like to know more or have your car set up to run the Adrenalin Octane Booster please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team!

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