King of the EJs – the EJ22!

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Subaru EJ engines are like family members – there is always one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and there is always at least one who likes to cause a bit of trouble (looking at you, standard EJ25)!

An unprepared EJ22

As you may have guessed by the title of this post, the EJ22 takes centre stage amongst its fellow EJ family.  But what makes this scarce motor so special?

The EJ22G was the engine chosen by Subaru to power the iconic Impreza 22B, but this is not the sole reason for its iconic status.  The EJ22G phase two block came from factory with double overhead cams, a closed deck block, centre thrust and piston oil squirters as standard, making it the most robust block in the EJ family.

An unprepared EJ22

Thankfully, Enginetuner is consistently able to source these lovely things for our customers. 

Each of our carefully selected used blocks are inspected, tested and measured before undergoing a rigorous deep case block cleanse, making the block look brand new.  All of the block bungs and plugs are replaced with zinc coated items along with new aluminium seals.

The EJ22 is then converted to accept a rear thrust bearing, 14mm head studs, rebored and honed to perfectly match the specifically selected pistons we choose.  Finally the block faces are skimmed to ensure they are completely flat and true.

An unprepared EJ22

Here at Enginetuner we like to take the EJ22 a step further.  We use the crank from a 2.5L engine to give the pistons a longer stroke and create an engine with a capacity of 2.35L.  Why?  To combine the revvy nature of the smaller engine and the higher torque output of a bigger one.

When opting for big power, the EJ22 is our “go to” block due to the increased strength that it provides and the characteristics of the end result.  We have built many cars with 700-800bhp using the EJ22, most notably ET2 our 2008 STI demo car.

If you are looking to upgrade to an EJ22 and would like to know more, please get in touch!

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