The luck of the Irish


Luke’s Subaru Forester STi engine had become a little tired and noisy with age (don’t we all)! Sadly some omega fish oils wouldn’t be enough to fix this Forester; time for some Enginetuner TLC to ensure the engine matched the pristine bodywork. After a quick chat with Alan to discuss the issue, Luke quickly decided to trust our experience and advice. In his mind, Enginetuner was the only place to go!

A noisy engine with an indefinite lifespan, you could be forgiven to taking the car to a local garage. But not for Luke – Enginetuner was the Mecca for which he searched. Just one small issue of the 520 mile trip from Ireland to reach us which thankfully Luke managed before any lockdown.

Luke seized the opportunity and delivered the car to us in Plymouth, thankfully, his Forester survived the journey, and we completed the socially distanced handover.

Upon receipt of Luke’s Forester our technicians set about their work to give this well-styled Forester a new lease of life, we lifted out the EJ25 lump, fully rebuilt and forged with a closed deck conversion. We paired a new oil pump, pick-up pipe, RCM head gaskets, Mahle pistons, RCM cambelt kit, and water pump with the freshly built engine equipped with the fantastic MD321T+ turbo.

Thanks to an RCM 340lph fuel pump there is plenty of fuel to feed the new engine.

To complement this fearsome setup, we fitted a Link G4x PnP ECU with 1000cc injectors that married up nicely with a previously installed Mishimoto front mount intercooler and K&N air filter.

Whilst only getting 95 octane fuel in Ireland, we managed to achieve 460BHP and 410lbft with a touch of octane booster added to the tank.

This Forester is undoubtedly one well set up machine. We are sure the journey home will bring a load more smiles than the journey down.