Enginetuner Drivers Display Unit.

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We are delighted to launch our latest competition,the ETDDU. 

The Enginetuner Driver Display Unit (ETDDU) is a standalone device that seamlessly pairs with aftermarket ECUs (Link & Haltech) using a WiFi adapter. It provides real-time monitoring of engine vitals on a 7″ screen with multiple layout options. Plus, it’s more than just a display; it can handle anti-lag and launch control, allowing you to fine-tune your launch RPM limit with ease. Safety is a priority, as the ETDDU triggers warnings for temperature, pressure, and cylinder knock breaches.

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Competition ended on: 17 January 2024 11:59 pm (UTC +00:00)

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Parameters monitored include but are not limited to:
Oil temperature
Oil pressure
Fuel pressure
Coolant temperature
Battery voltage
Throttle position
Air temperature
Ecu temperature
Ethanol content
Fuel temperature
Injector duty cycle
Vehicle speed
Rpm with configurable shift flash
Manifold pressure
Fan output status
If your car is running anti lag and launch control these can both be operated via the ET DDU, in addition the ET DDU allows you to fine tune your preferred launch rpm limit with an adjustable screen popping up when the launch switch is activated.
Furthermore the ET DDU has the ability record peak figures so you can monitor your highest recordings.  The Enginetuner Driver Display Unit is also packed full of safety features triggering warnings when any of the configurable tolerances are breached; including temperature, pressure and or if cylinder knock is detected.